Who are our coaches?

Ryan Vossler
Kendra Vossler
Christie Pearce
Joe Lathrem
Justin McMurrich
Katie McMurrich
Michele Wilcox

Bob Britton
Jeremy Hayes
Ethan Pepe
Mark Pepe
Christopher Wonderly


John Mount
Timothy Rosario
Ryan McCoskey


What are Coach, Student and Parent expectations or guidelines? Visit the Arizona Cycling Rider Resources page.

In addition, we have a few


•First a Mountain Bike in proper working order. If you do not have a bike, please contact us so that we can help you with the process of getting one (P.S. we LOVE talking about bikes!)
•Next a Bike Helmet which fits correctly and is in good condition
•Gloves are highly recommended to protect your hands
•Eye Protection helps to keep sun and bugs out of eyes
•A Spare tube is a MUST have at all times, even if you run tubeless. We cannot stress it enough, our coaches can’t carry enough spares for the whole team so help us out and put one in your pack.
•Closed toe shoes which can be cycling shoes for clipless pedals, OR for flat pedals, a flat sole shoe works fine (like Vans/Converse), or a MTB specific shoe works best
•Water bottles / hydration pack – please note that it is super important to stay hydrated even when you’re not riding as well, especially as we hit spring-summer temps. Keep your water intake consistent at all times to avoid dehydration
•CO2 cartridges or a hand pump to fill the spare tube
•Bike Light(s) will be needed as we head deeper into our fall practices and are good to have readily available and ready to be used (charged if necessary)

***The bike needs to have been purchased from or checked over by a reputable bike shop. A decent bike that is safe and capable of handling the trails we ride is a MUST. Most big box store bikes will not last more than a year.
***We request that the bike ridden is no more than 15-20 years old. If the bike is in that range it will need to be again checked by a bike shop and coach approved.
***We do have a select few loaner bikes available for riders needing one for a period of time to get started.
***The Arizona Cycling Association also offers loaner bikes for the season. If interested in how to attain one, speak with a coach.


  • 3 Practices per week. Notify head coach of absence 24 hours in advance
  • Utilize TeamSnap for RSVP
  • Good attitudes and hard work
  • Come prepared (helmet, shoes, gloves, water, lights, etc.)
  • Follow instruction from coaches
  • Communicate with coaches, as riders get older the expectation is for most communication to come from the riders, not parents.
  • Riders to include parent or another coach in any tech communication.
  • All issues brought to coaches ASAP in order to prevent them from growing.


  • Volunteer with the team when/where able
  • Participate in team dinners
  • Volunteer at the races
  • Allow coaches to coach, Parents support
  • Good attitude and smiling face
  • Communicate any concerns quickly to avoid drama and gossip
  • All issues brought first to OVMTB prior to league
  • Help maintain our amazing culture
  • Get to know other families as we become one big family